2014 – The Year of Promotion

2014 – The Year of Promotion

I like taking pictures.  Scratch that, I LOVE taking pictures.  I love walking around and using a different eye to try and capture something most people wouldn’t think of or notice.  I love the editing process and coming up with a final image.  I love uploading the images to the various social networking sites (FaceBook, Twitter, Flickr, here at my own site) and releasing the images for all to see.  I love the responses that I get.


I don’t love self-promotion.  I’m not good at PR or marketing for myself.  I put the images out there and let them live a life all their own.  Here is my problem – I put the images out there but don’t give them aid or support so that they can flourish and live a life all their own.  I’m the parent birds and all my images are wee little birdies fresh from the eggs.  Instead of helping them learn to fly I watch them hatch and then chirp ‘you’re on your own now… peace out!’  I don’t get my name out there.  I don’t try to get noticed.  I haven’t been seeking out art shows to be a part of.  Hell, I haven’t been typing in here.  I don’t know what to do or how to say things and until I start to put myself out there people won’t know I or my images exist.


I am labeling 2014 the year of promotion.  While it is March already there has been some progress made – albeit mostly talk.  I redesigned the website to make it more visually pleasing, another photographer and I have been talking about trying to figure out how to do our own show somewhere here in DC, and I am starting to actively seek out group shows in the area to join in on.  One small step for man, one giant leap for my name getting out there.


I’m not expecting this to be the year where the world takes notice and fawns over my work – I’m saving that for 2015 – but I do think it is high time I get off my ass and figure out this self-promotion stuff.  I have already sent a message to the curator of a short show taking place in a few weeks and I just need to jump further from there.


(To steal a little from 2010)

2014 – The year I make contact!