About Me   Once upon a time, a young man wanted to show the world his vision.  Making movies would have been perfect but that was out of reach.  So he shifted his focus and picked up a 35mm SLR.  With that first camera, the guy shot anything and everything.  Some images turned out great but most, well, not so much.  He didn’t give up though.  He learned from each image.  He figured out what didn’t work out and why, and how to do better the next outing.   Over time, the new photographer found his images improving and looked for ways to challenge himself.  He got brave and asked people to pose for him.  He participated in art shows.  Anything that was a challenge, the photographer wanted to be a part of.  His continual approach to photography was “I want to experiment and see what happens.  If it turns out well, excellent.  If it turns out bad, at least I will know for next time.”   Eventually, Joshua was able to shift his career to be a full-time photographer.  Now he has access to different equipment and new challenges on a daily basis.  Oh, and Joshua’s desire to make movies?  His new career has room for that passion and he gets to create in both media.


“I do what I feel, that’s all, I am an ordinary photographer working for his own pleasure. That’s all I’ve ever done.” – Andre Kertesz