The Candlebox show at Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis, MD gave fans the opportunity to see a rock band in a unique setting. It is a small, intimate venue with seated tables, more conducive to a jazz trio than a five member rock band. What could have been a drawback shaped a rare experience. Fans got to watch the band close up and with a more direct connection. Lead singer, Kevin Martin, used the intimacy to share stories about the the band and many of their songs.

The small space didn’t keep the band from playing with less intensity than the longtime fans were anticipating. They kicked off with a wave of nostalgia, playing four songs from their first album starting with “Change” and ending with “Dont You.” These fan favorites really got the crowd amped up and in tune with the band. Candlebox was celebrating the 20th anniversary of their first hit record. It was the key to the whole night as the fans were treated to a good portion of songs from that first chart topping 1993 album. But they were still happy and cheering when songs like “Simple Lessons” and “Bitches Brew” popped up from later albums . The crowd clapped, yelled, and sang along to every song. All eyes were riveted to the stage for the entire set. The band rocked its way through the night, having fun and sharing their stories and music.

Its clear why Candlebox has such staying power after 20 years. They are solid musicians dedicated to their craft. They keep making good music that their fans love. Last nights show was a rocking, wolf-whistle, retrospective “thank you” to the people who have followed them all these years.

-Text by Carrie Hoover