Freyja came over for some professional portraits but also wanted to explore.  Taking a cue from Isis, she allowed me the freedom to shoot what came to mind as long as I was not explicit about showing her face.  I have worked in this scenario before and knew how to approach.


She arrived with escort in tow and we all sat down and talked about what she was looking to accomplish with the shoot.  The professional items were covered and then I turned to her and said “OK, now, what else do you want to see happen?”  She didn’t have anything specific in mind and in stead wanted to see what I had in mind.  We talked a bit more and let her get comfortable with the surroundings and then went to work.  When we were first talking I warned her that I like to keep my ideas fluid so that during the shoot we can see what the mood strikes.  My last question before we got started was “Do you like contrasty B&W images?”  Freyja smiled and said, “oh yes.”  And off we went.


After marking off the portraits off the list we started to explore from fun to flirty to what you see here.