A storm was brewing in DC last night. While the trees were swaying and the rain was pouring, inside The Hamilton DC there was a storm taking the stage, this storm was called Jane Monheit. Just after 7:30, Jane and the rest of her band took the stage and for the next hour captivated the audience with jazz standards and new material from a yet to be released CD “The Hearth of the Matter” – release date of April 16th.

Throughout the first set Jane entertained the audience not just with her incredible voice but also with her playful demeanor. During the first song she had to kick away her shoes, well gently kick away, because she was nursing a recurring sprained ankle. Over the next couple songs she joked with the audience about her shoes, remembering lyrics, and venues she has played in the past. The time had come for an intermission and before leaving the crowd for a break she delivered an emotional “Over the Rainbow” which was perfect given the weather happening outside. This rendition was emotional and, in her words when the audience started to clap before the end of the song “we are trying to be dramatic here, just a sec” and then delivered another of the many beaming smiles and a little giggle.

The second set was another performance that captivated the audience with songs running the emotional gamut of romantic and flirty to love lost and heartbreak.

Jane left her mark on the audience that night and while people topside will be talking about the storm they endured outside, those at the show will be talking about the storm they enjoyed at The Hamilton.