#WeTweetArt 2.0

#WeTweetArt 2.0

As I stated in a previous post, 2014 is the year of promotion.  One of the best ways to self promote in this field is to find gallery shows to be a part of or try to have a personal gallery show.  I think grabbing a personal gallery show out of the blue with not a lot of showing history is a little too ambitious.  I don’t think it is beyond the realm of possibilities for next year, but I think this year I need to get my name out there a little more and group shows is a great way to get that ball rolling.


I was getting ready to search around online to see what shows are coming up in the area but made a quick pitstop to twitter first to catch up on the days musings.  Scrolling through the pics and wanna-be quirky quips and retweets I say a posting by @artDC about an upcoming show – #WeTweetArt 2.0 – talk about timing.  I halted any other searching and decided to see what was required to be a part of this show – no time like the present to jump in.


A few years ago I participated in a group show at the artDC Gallery – Censored 2.0 – with two photographs and enjoyed being part of the group.  This go-around the theme is open to any style and genre of artistic expression.  This will be an eclectic show with sculpture, photography, painting, mixed media, you name it and I can’t wait to walk in on Saturday and see everything on the walls.


One of the reasons for this exhibit is to help not only link artists to the public but to also do so in the virtual realm.  from the artDC.com site


Our reception / TweetUp on March 22 will be an opportunity for a public face-to-face, to bring the life of our art and relationships on Twitter to social media at through live tweeting.

Artists will tweet images of their work in the show, on the night of the reception, which will act as a show catalog. When a patron attends the show, they can use their smartphone to look up an artist’s profile, find more about their work and potentially develop a relationship or buy a work of art. Meanwhile artists can comment and connect with other patrons face-to-face and on the Internet.



So my suggestion is to come on out to the show Saturday evening and check out the great art, talk about it, tweet about it, retweet about it, and find a new way to continue conversations about art not only found on the walls for this show but conversations with the artists.  This is also a wonderful opportunity to discover new artists that you might not have known about.


Here are all the vitals for the show shamelessly grabbed from the artDC website.


Who: artdc Gallery

What:  #WeTweetArt V2.0

Where: 5710 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD 20781

Web: www.artdc.com

Exhibition dates: 3/9/14 – 4/6/14

Reception: Saturday 3/22, 7-10 p.m.

(Live entertainment at the reception will include a TweetUP and the Improvisational DJ group Sassoon)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/249158855256469/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/artdc/status/444264278242390016

Discuss this exhibit: http://artdc.org/forum/index.php?topic=16514.0


And for those who cannot attend we simply ask that you keep an eye out for #WeTweetArt on twitter and keep the conversation going.  All the artists are posting on their twitter accounts details on what they are posting and images of their work(s).  So if you can’t be there in person then be there virtually via Twitter.  The twitter profiles of all the artists are included in the post on the artDC page.